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What Movies Do You Watch Over and Over?

What Movies Do You Watch Over and Over?

It never fails - on a lazy weekday evening once the "to-do" list is done and the dog has been fed, I often find myself on the couch flipping through the channels and land on a movie I've seen not once or twice, but DOZENS of times.  Last week, I watched Nancy Meyers' "It's Complicated" about three times and laughed along as though it was my first time.  Other movies I can watch any time they are on are as follows:

"Jumping the Broom" - everyone loves a wedding movie!  Especially if it involves family dysfunction, fabulous Martha's Vineyard Real Estate and Angela Bassett being fabulous.

"The Godfather" (but only Parts 1 and 2) - this one should make everyone's list.  

"American Gangster" - Denzel Washington in fine Italian suits being the BOSS of all bosses?  Please and thank you.

"Love Actually" - Even though this is technically a Christmas movie, you can watch this year-round thanks to the relatable themes and unforgettable characters portrayed by a stunning ensemble case.

"The Intern" - I obviously am a sucker for Nancy Meyers movies, and this one doesn't disappoint.  Not only is Robert Deniro endearing and charming as the "Senior" Intern looking for a second chance, but Anne Hathaway plays a fantastic Boss Babe in this flick.

"Coming to America" - I mean, c'mon...Eddie Murphy is comedy GOLD in this one.

"Apollo 13" - I'm also a sucker for anything Tom Hanks.  Take him, an awe-inspiring story about the NASA space program and an impressive soundtrack and you've got me hooked.

"Forrest Gump" - an American classic.  You know you love it too...

"Dirty Dancing" - I snuck and watched this at an unauthorized sleepover at one of my friends' houses when I was a kid.  My parents forbid us from watching the movie due to the "sexual" overtones (which really are PG at best).  This film is one of the signature ones from my childhood, and each time I watch it I reminisce on the good times!

What movies can you watch multiple times?  Share in the comments section!

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