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Monday Obsessions: Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Monday Obsessions: Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is coming up on May 14 and that means many of us are scrambling to decide what to gift the person whose love knows no limits.  My mother is not a Mother's Day person. In fact, she boycotts the day because in her words, "Mother's Day should be every day."  [insert eye roll]. Nevertheless, I always at least think about getting her a gift.  If you're still searching, here are some things I've seen that I think your mom will love.

If Mom is not a spa person, at least help her feel like she's there with this fabulous robe.

Help mom get a good night's sleep with this chic misting oil sure to help bring on the zzzzz's...

For the jazzy mom, try these vintage earrings that will definitely make a statement.

Feeling sentimental?  Look at this mother-daughter letter book set.

Check out this versatile bag for the mom on-the-go.

Does mom like to celebrate?  Consider enrolling her in a wine club like this one.

Ditch the basic mom-slippers and opt for these fabulous slip-ons.

Give mom access to her favorite tunes, news, and more with the Amazon Echo white edition.

Consider these gorgeous headphones for the jet-setting mom who likes to travel in style.

For the luxe mom (and if budgets aren't your thing) splurge on this cross-body bag.

Photo Credit: Kawin Harasai

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