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Monday Obsessions: Big Little Lies and Other Favorites

Monday Obsessions: Big Little Lies and Other Favorites

It's Easter Monday, bunnies!  I've decided to say "yes" without thinking as much to more and more opportunities.  So this week I'm simultaneously working while being on an adventure. Thankfully my fabulous job allows me to do this, so I'm taking advantage of not only saying "yes" but being productive in my real and personal life at the same time!  

This week I'm really only obsessed with one thing which I hope you either are already obsessed with or will become obsessed with.... 

Main Obsession:  "Big Little Lies" (HBO).  On a tip from my Mini-Me (more on the sheer fabulosity of having a mini-me later), I binge watched HBO's sleeper hit, "Big Little Lies".  Set among the captivating hills and shores of Monterey, California, if the scenery isn't enough to hook you, surely the storyline will.  A murder mystery wrapped in a mid-life coming of age story, the limited series follows the lives of 5 suburban mothers connected by their shared passion for wine and their children, and their shared unease about their places in life.  The murder mystery (and the comical Greek chorus made up of nosy outsider neighbors) is a mere backdrop to the stories that are told about the ladies, their very relatable relationship woes, and their quest to find balance in a world meant to keep them unsteady.  Of course the "whodunnit" moment is also jaw-dropping and is worth watching the entire series in one sitting.  The unexpectedly incredible soundtrack is also a delicious treat.  My advice?  Open some wine, find a comfy spot on the couch and enjoy! Bonus points: check out the show's real estate that is as much of a character as the wine these ladies drink....

Here are some other things I think are great this Monday...

73 Questions with my girl crush, Ashley Graham.

Habits working women should have by age 40.

A heartwarming adoption story.

Easy healthy recipes I'll be trying.

Things I wish I would have known in high school.

This dress which I've bought in three colors.

Have a great week!!!


Featured photo: courtesy of HBO

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