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I'm a Closet Francophile

I'm a Closet Francophile

I had a moment last week when I took stock of my life and realized some interesting truths. The most random?  I'm a closet Francophile.  No, I don't speak French, but I have become aware of just how much France has weaved its way into my fabric.  

So what is a Francophile?  See below:

Fran·co·phile [frang-kuh-fahyl] 


1. friendly to or having a strong liking for France or the French.


2. a person who is friendly to or has a strong admiration of France or the French.

What's my evidence?  Check it out....

1) I got engaged in Paris.

2) I enjoy frites.  Not french fries....F-R-I-T-E-S.

3) I got married in a chateau.  Literally.  On purpose.  Because I'm a Francophile.

Photo:   Johnny Dao

Photo: Johnny Dao

4) I get really, really excited when House Hunters International is in Paris.  Like DVR-the-episode kind of excited.

5) I am addicted to croissants. Like in the "Oprah loves bread" kind of way.  I love them so much I'm putting a picture of one here.  It's scratch n' sniff, I promise!

Photo:   Alisa Anton

6) I listen to the French Cooking Music station on Pandora.  For fun.  All.The.Time.

7) My guest bedroom is Paris-inspired.  

8)  I put up a Paris-themed Christmas tree.

Well there, it's settled - Bonjour, my name is Meaux and I am a Francophile!  

What truths have you learned about yourself lately?

Lead Photo Credit: John Towner Photography

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