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8 Spotify Playlists To Listen To Now

8 Spotify Playlists To Listen To Now

Spotify.  The app that continues to dazzle music lovers across the world.  I confess that I'm late to the Spotify party.  Tardier still because I finally bit the bullet and upgraded to Spotify Premium just a few weeks ago.  Since then I have been educating myself on all that this genius resource has to offer.  

I first got hooked on Spotify after realizing that I'd played every song in my iPod twice and still craved more.  Spotify filled that void in spades.  I've been able to explore new music genres and new artists that I'd never heard of before and now love.  Even better than the deep well of artists and albums available at your fingertips is the access to playlists created by Spotify as well as other users.  Let me tell you something about me:  I am a big fan of mix tapes. I've got mix tapes from every era of my young life and I cherish them.  Consider Spotify to be like that ultimate resource that takes you back to the times when making a mix tape for someone was your way of speaking your love language.  So dope.  

Right now I'm loving the following playlists that provide the perfect soundtrack to any given day.  I hope you enjoy!  

Gold School by SpotifyYou know how sometimes you'll be sitting around the house like, "man, I don't want to fold this laundry but if DMX were here it would help..."  No?  Just me? Well whatever...if you have had this thought, this is the playlist for you.  Want to relive the golden era of hip hop when bald fades and Timberlands were all the rage?  This is the one to bop your head along to. 

Brain Food by Spotify: Need to get in the zone with the perfect background noise?  Check out this hypnotic electronic music grouping to find your zen.  When I play these songs I find my focus sharpening on what I'm doing and I can concentrate for hours.  Namaste.

Insecure (HBO) by Diego Lerer:  In preparation for the show's second season premier this summer, I am rekindling my romance with the songs that added the perfect pop to the already genius writing from Issa Rae and her crew.  I'm a hug fan of the show and a bigger fan of the music that adds color to every awkward situation the characters find themselves in.

Coffee Lounge/Smooth Jazz by Jodieng: Need to set the mood for a classic weekend brunch or just need some music for that Sunday meal prep?  This is the list for you if you're going for the ultimate coffee house vibe.  I've gotten great feedback from guests (and the hubby) when I've served up something delicious with this easy listening playlist as the perfect side dish.

"Big Little Lies Soundtrack" Chloe's iPod by Clark Camp: I can't say enough about how this show has gripped me in so many ways.  Watching it again, I realize that the music has just as much to do with my appreciation for the show as the storylines and masterful performances. Allegedly curated by the father of the young actress (Darby Camp) who plays the show's other-wordly first grade DJ, this playlist captures that Big Sur groove you'll fall in love with.

Beast Mode by Spotify: If torching calories is your thing, this playlist will get you the results you crave.  Every song on this list is perfectly suited to push you past your limits and get those final 5 reps like a boss!

Walk In Like You Own The Place by Spotify:  I used to have a mix tape I would play five minutes before I hit the parking garage at work.  The songs helped me mentally prepare for whatever madness was sure to come my way that day.  If you're like me, sometimes you need a little pep talk.  If you need that pep talk to be from Rick Ross, Jay-Z, or UGK, then just press play on this one and get a little gangsta with it!

The Sweet Suite by Spotify:  Getting ready to see your man?  Feeling a little romantic?  This is a legit collection of sexy time jams for you to feel your best whether going out on the town or keeping it in for the night. Warning: be prepared to go there...


What Spotify playlists are you loving these days?  Share in the comments below...

Photo Credit:  Niki Benjamin;  Headphones: Beats by Dre Studio Wireless

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