Hello good people!  I'm Meaux (pronounced Mo).  I was born in Houston, Texas in the early 1980s and was raised in a suburb south of town with my sassy mother, good-hearted father, and brainy older sister.  As the baby of the family, I took great pains to make a name for myself in the family.  I settled with writing not just as a hobby, but as a creative outlet that somehow led to a career as a trial attorney.  I currently work as an attorney, but freely go where my mind wanders...and boy does it wander! I've kept up writing in many different forms over the years, both professionally and personally. For years I convinced myself that I had a book in me, and maybe I will someday, but in 2016 I finally took the leap and started Mind of Meaux as a place where I could explore the things I'm interested in. Most of my wanderlust centers around writing and creating, but you’ll find a lot of reflections on the site too.

I hope this space inspires you to explore new places- even if it's within yourself. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook .  I look forward to connecting with you! Thank you for reading!